The OneHeartMalawi foundation is committed to empower Malawian people in their growth to self-reliance. You can support this cause by donating here. Would you like to know more about the projects, the country or the founders? Then continue reading below. We guarantee that 100% of your contribution will be spent on the projects. Transaction costs and costs for maintaining the foundation and website are paid by the founders themselves. The founders have close ties with people on site in Malawi and together they ensure that your contribution actually reaches the people who need it.

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Welding Tailoring Office home Future buildings Fence


The second building on the land is intended for welding trainings. In 6 months, the students will gain the knowledge and skills to start their own business or join a company.


Our first focus is the building for tailoring training. In 6 months, the students will gain the knowledge and skills to start their own business or join a company.

Office home

The land will be guarded by a full-time security guard who will also be responsible for the reception. He will be given the opportunity to live here and will receive a salary for his work.

Future buildings

We have plenty of space and ideas to expand. However, maintaining focus is essential for success, which is why we prioritize setting up the first two trainings.


The wall surrounding the land of almost 150 meters long and 2 meters high is completely finished. Currently a metal gate is being made for the entrance and the openings at the front are being finished with metal.

OneHeartMalawi land 2022
Situation: Lack of opportunities after primary education. Target group: Young adults from 18 to 25 years old. Approach: Establish a center where young adults can learn a vocation. Status: Collecting donations to build the center. Read more about Vocational Training...
Situation: Dependence on rain for successful harvests. Target group: Inhabitants of Monkey Bay. Approach: Construction of a water pump powered by solar panels. Status: Sustainable project completed and water pump still in use. Read more about project Water...
Situation: Famine in 2016 due to crop failure. Target group: Inhabitants of Monkey Bay. Approach: Bringing maize to people without food. Status: In total €1,468 was raised providing food for 30 families. Read more about project Food...