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In 2022 the fence will be finished, buildings for sewing, welding, toilets and an office will be built and all equipment for the training courses will be purchased. Training may start towards the end of the year.


In 2021 we have received hundreds of donations totaling to €16.170,28 This bought a piece of land in Monkey Bay and since then the construction of the center has been in full swing. The wall surrounding the land of more than 100,000 stones was completed within the same year.

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Absolutely. The founders do not receive any compensation. The costs for maintaining the foundation and the website are paid by the founders. The transaction costs of all donations are also paid by the founders.

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Your donation is currently going to the Vocational Training project. On the donation page you can find which phase of the project your donation is going to. More information about the current project and the phases can be found here: Vocational Training.
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