The OneHeartMalawi foundation is committed to the people in Malawi and empowers them in their growth towards self-reliance. Even before the official establishment of this foundation we were dedicated to the same goals. The two big projects that evolved from this are project Food and Water. It all started with the extreme drought in 2016 that caused the harvest to fail that year. This led to an extreme famine in Malawi. To still be able to provide the people with food, we collected money to bring maize to the villages that did not have access to it. You can read more about this here: Project Food. As this was an acute disaster, direct action was required. However, to provide a more sustainable solution it was important to ensure the food production in Malawi was less dependent on the wet season. Therefore we started the Project Water in 2018. By constructing a water pump in the area we previously delivered maize to, the people can now cultivate vegetables independently of the wet season. Furthermore, this pure water source is used for drinking and cooking. You can read more about this here: Project Water. In 2020 we established an official foundation: OneHeartMalawi. With this foundation we hope to collect more money to have an even greater impact on the people in Malawi. This way, we hope to make our dream project come true in 2021: starting a center where young adults can learn a vocation. Education is not self-evident in Malawi, consequently only few people receive a chance at higher education. In this project we aim to give motivated young adults without education the chance to learn a vocation like welding, hairdressing, building furniture or sewing clothes. We are convinced that this project will have a sustainable impact on the people in Malawi. You can read more about this here: Vocational Training.

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